The Lunar Life

The Lunar Life

Discover a new Lifestyle that works in alignment with your Mind, Body & Soul

How Much Do You Think Your Life Could Change If YOU Finally Had Control of Your Eating Habits, Mindset & Soul Vibration?

The Lunar Life is a six-week programme coupled with access to a friendly, supportive, high vibe facebook group to support you to create positive change in mind, body and soul long term. The Lunar Life for Goddesses was created by myself and Marina Beech who is a soul realignment practitioner and intuitive, who is also passionate about helping guide and support people with clearing away unwanted habits and thought processes that leave them feeling stuck, demotivated and unhappy. So, when you start your Lunar Life journey you are able to access two mentors happy to help answer your questions, share their knowledge and support you to achieve balance.

Each week includes a moon nutritional plan because the moon affects us whether you realise this or not. The Moon Nutritional Plan is based on the fact that we know the moon’s effect on the earth’s oceans and rivers, so we can use this fact to our advantage. During a new or full moon the sun, moon and earth are in alignment and there is a change in the pressure and movement of the water. So, knowing this fact and the fact that we are made up of around 70% water we can align with the moon, sun and earth using the atmospheric pressure’s effect on our metabolism to support the removal of toxins and fat from the body if we support the body during those times. Not only that as the moon passes through phases certain foods are more beneficial at certain times but all the hard work of figuring out what to eat has been done for you, you just need to source the foods and follow the guidance.

In addition to nutritional support, you will access meditations, a wellbeing planner, learn what type of eater you are, movement motivation, how to clear your aura and much more.

The Lunar Life weekly topics are:

Week 1

Making Space For Greatness

This a week of decluttering as we prepare to get stuck into the program and create transformation.  It’s a known fact that what we collect and hang onto creates blockage for anything new being able to be experienced.  So together we will work on decluttering both the physical and digital to Raise your Vibration in super quick time.  Includes a Luna Lifecycle Chart to get to the root cause of your challenges.

Week 2 

Harnessing The Power Of Your Mind

This week we focus on the mind, your intentions for creating positive change and how you achieve your goals. We look at what can deter us from our plans – usually our Ego, what tricks the Ego can pull (there are many) and how to get the Ego on side to work in our favour.  You also find out this week what your Goal Setting Archetype is.

Week 3

Working With Your Inner Child

A key aspect of ourselves is our Inner Child so this week is designed to have fun, laughter and connect with her on a deeper level.  Healing will be offered through Meditation and EFT to help us resolve any hidden blocks that are slowing your progress or need to be released.

Week 4

Let’s Conquer Cravings!

Cravings are a huge aspect that we often struggle with when it comes to nutrition, so this week you’ll be assessing What Your Eating Style is and your ‘Go To Foods’ that you use to cheer yourself up or self-reward.  Another group EFT session will be given to help you look at the root cause of your cravings to help you move forward.

Week 5

Mindful Momentum

Movement is a huge part of creating over all balance and how we move our body is one of the themes for this week.  We all understand that exercise is important but have you ever connected your mind to what you do too?  Bringing mental awareness to your body movement and when you eat has a greater impact on your results – FACT!

Week 6

Aligning With Your Divine Feminine

In the last week, we explore our ‘I AM’ presence and Gratitude, what it is and how it helps us to manifest at a much faster rate.  At this point in the program, you will be feeling more in balance, empowered and embracing the positive changes.  To enhance these changes we look deeper at ourselves, our levels of self-worth, love and our blessings.


You will also have access to new meditations audios, learn how to raise your vibration, receive weekly wisdom, the opportunity to take part on live Full and New moon rituals, EFT sessions and meditations in the facebook group.

Aligning with the Moon’s energy couldn’t be more key than it is now and the tips and techniques offered through the six-week programme will help bring you into more balance into your life and increase your flow.

The question is:

Are you ready to reclaim your Goddess power & create some positive change in Mind, Body & Soul?

  • Would you like to learn more about a lifestyle that offers more balance in your life?
  • Would you like guidance with your food and nutrition?
  • Would you like to raise your vibration and improve your wellbeing and more…?


The Lunar Life is for you if:

  • Are ready for change
  • Recognise that your wellbeing is important
  • Want to manage your nutrition, stress levels and make space for greatness

But don’t just take my word for it here is some feedback from some fellow Goddesses who have completed the six weeks:

I am so grateful I have lost 7 pounds and my family have noticed it. I am eating healthy high vibe foods. I am no longer drinking diet cokeinstead I am drinking water. I am learning to calm my ego & stop worrying 😇 I have enjoyed every second of the Goddess programme. I loved the daily encouragement I received from Marina& Rebecca. It has helped me to raise my vibration, trust my intuition and showed me how to call upon my angels and guides for help. I am now healthier overall, more grounded and feel balanced. I could not recommend this programme more & don’t want it to end 💗💗💗 Thank you Marina & Rebecca for all your help
Michelle McIntyre
I’m so pleased, I have given up Diet Coke and tea/coffee, I probably used to drink 2/3 cans of coke a day and 3/4 cups of tea or coffee. When I did the first fast my headaches were horrendous. It made me think that I was doing this to myself with the toxins. My last fast I was headache free. I have really increased my water intake too. As well as making mindful foods choices, so feeling really positive.
Keely Jackson

I feel so good. I’ve been walking around feeling lighter not in weight necessarily just weight gone from my mind and shoulders. I just feel generally calmer. Thank you so much. Rebecca you have inspired me. 

Teresa Stear

💜 keeping my morning meditations going daily 
💜 my self awareness has really improved, I am acknowledging myself more
💜 no sugar in my coffee since the start of program and I’m not missing it!!! 
💜 I have basketball Monday’s and yoga Thursdays and have kept both of these up (which I’m very proud of)

Linda Hennebry
Been watching my sugars (type 2 diabetes) so able to cut down on insulin by about half, logging everything I eat with my sugars, insulin taken. My doctor was happy with my results. No weight loss yet, but know it is coming. The doctor said I have hives, so dealing with that has been not fun. Ready for it to be over.
Also eating more fruits and veggies. Cut down on bread, pop, and sweets. I have not done everything in the program, but have information that I can apply in the future. I haven’t cooked for myself in years, but feel encouraged to go back in and do it again. The encouragement and love I have felt from both of you throughout the program has been worth more than what I paid for it. Thank you both.
Carol Korgan