This EmPowerMent Class for Cravings was designed to support you to eliminate cravings and make food choices that help you become healthier, happier and a more empowered you.

It is estimated that approximately 85% of food cravings are emotional so this class focuses on clearing the emotions that create food cravings and sabotage healthy eating plans and intentions. This class will reprogram your mind to create a healthy relationship with food and manage those cravings.

This class includes Tapping Meditations to alleviate cravings when they arise. Typically, food is used to either suppress an emotion or use to trigger an emotion, either way food is being used to feel make you feel better in some way. EFT is an incredibly effective tool that has the potential to change your life, it’s subtle yet powerful and when addressing the complexities of our relationship with food it is a tool that can address emotions on a deep level supporting you to make changes with ease and empowerment.

This EmPowerMent Class combine self-reflective work, mindfulness and EFT to minimise self-sabotage and enhance self-empowerment. It has been proven that EFT significantly reduces the stress hormone cortisol that is connected to abdominal fat. So, reduce the stress, reduce the weight.

This class can create the transformation you want if you are prepared to be honest with yourself, dig a little deeper and try something different to manage your cravings that sabotage your success.

Class Contents

Welcome pdf
Introduction to Tapping/EFT Video
EFT Tapping Points and Instructions pdf
About Cravings Audio
Reflective Journal pdf
Mindful Eating, What to do if you Lapse and Alternative Foods pdf
Crisps Craving Tapping Meditation
Chocolate Craving Tapping Meditation
This Food Tapping Meditation
Thank You Body Meditation