Inner Ear, Inner Self and Inner Art Works

//Inner Ear, Inner Self and Inner Art Works

Inner Ear, Inner Self and Inner Art Works

It’s Easter bank holiday and it feels like a good time to remerge and share with you some updates.

You may have noticed that I as “The Holistic Coach” have been a little quiet over the last few months and here is why….

Last November, after several years of tests and investigations, I was diagnosed with an Inner Ear condition that affects your balance and hearing. As a child I was always prone to ear infections and didn’t really seems to ‘grow’ out of it as the Doctors suggested. Looking at it from a metaphysical point of view, as a child did I like was I was hearing? Nope, I most definitely did not. I won’t go in to my childhood traumas but with 95% of dis-ease stemming from emotions, many of those becoming trapped as a child, it did place my ears in a position of weakness.

Fast forward to February 2015, I was involved in a car accident and although I did not know it at the time, it was just too much for the inner ear to handle. My main symptoms were dizziness, ear pressure and nausea, so I was sent for several gastro tests and all came back fine. I changed my diet suspecting SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), I took a diagnostic test and that came back negative. I had endless blood tests and nothing showed up. On paper I was at optimum health and I continued to feel awful. Then in February 2017 my right eardrum perforated and what a blessing that was! The penny finally dropped for my Doctor and me, maybe this is not digestive related at all, maybe, just maybe my symptoms are ear related.

This time last year I was willing to try anything and tried some medication that is normally ‘tolerated well’, HA! Not me! Having spent years eating a ‘clean’ diet most of the time now means that medication is not well tolerated by me. I managed 3 days and by the end of day three I knew that I would have to manage whatever was happening naturally. I do practise what I preach, but after years of difficult symptoms, I did hope that the medication would provide some relief. However, it wasn’t to be. I was then referred to the ENT and in November it became clear what I needed to manage. Having a diagnosis meant that I could manage my health better and it gave me the ‘aha’ moment I needed that explained when having my hair washed at the hairdressers left my sick for days, why every time the wind blew into my ears the pain was excruciating and why simply empting the dishwasher some days was mission impossible.

Now, at the end of March, and 4 months of a more focused management, I finally feel progress is being made.

So, how has this affected my business? Having to manage a health condition, for me, meant that I needed to stream line. I needed to use my ‘well’ time well. Having young family means that even without work, I am busy! My girls have a better social life than me and they are obviously a priority. I have continued to work throughout this challenging chapter because I love what I do and it was also great for me to support others, I continued to be inspired by clients and their transformations and I am always honoured that I am able to play a part in the journeys. I learnt some graphic design skills and created online classes, created meditations, various workbooks and fell in love with what I call ‘geeking’. It allowed me, the extroverted introvert down time. Working with clients, even when you love it, its draining on your energy and being an empath requires good management and being an empath with an inner ear conditions requires even better management. By mid-December last year I decided to see clients online (with a few exceptions) which I had hoped would reduce the stress and the workload.

Then, we welcomed 2018 in and my new year’s resolution….do what brings you joy! No health related goals, no career related goals, no fitness related goals, not one.


I dusted off my sketch pad and dug out my pencils and began to sketch. It brought me joy. I loved it. I joined an art class and my children are loving the new creative Mummy. Although, she’s not new, she’s always been there in the background wanting to be more creative but not having the time to feed her soul. It’s a real tragedy when we don’t feed our souls!

Then in January Inner Art Works was born, easily and naturally, with no pushing or shoving. Inner Art Works was born because I listened to my Inner Self, I listened to the part of me that is wise and divine, the inner guidance system that knows best even when my ego is jumping up and down screaming “What if…?” Inner Art Works is where I am at now. I decided to separate it from The Holistic Coach because the focus of that business is different, and Inner Art Works’ focus isn’t nutrition, its more reiki than recipes!

I am awakening, I am on a journey and I am doing what brings me joy which is a combination of sketching, graphic design, a little coaching with a woo woo edge and providing people with art that has the power to inspire, motivate and transform. The pencil is my ‘medium’ that can deliver messages to another without judgment. I am getting out of my way and being in the moment. Inner Art Works won’t be for everyone, it’s not mainstream but it is making a difference in people’s lives and that is the running theme behind most things that I do and have done from teaching, the charity (Fresh Start Foundation) through to my work now.

The Holistic Coach will remain, that is a part of me, however, my main focus will be on Inner Art Works, so if art, clothing, graphic design, workbooks etc with the added woo-woo of animal totems, mandalas, the moon, chakras and much more is your thing too please like my new facebook page:
Inner Art Works by Rebecca Daffeh

No matter where you are on your journey that is exactly where you are meant to be.

With love and light


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