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Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts after you have eaten unhealthy foods? Do these thoughts lead you to then make further unhealthy food choices? Do these foods then create negative thoughts like guilt, sadness, regret? If so, you need to break the pattern because living in that vicious circle whilst trying to lose weight and maintain our ideal weight will simply keep you stuck at the same point. Although, you may move from that point for awhile you will eventually go back because you need to address what it is that is stopping you from moving forward.

Do you want to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight? Yes! Then this package is for you because I will support you to make empowered changes that will create a healthier and happier you.

“Good health is having no fatigue, having a good appetite, going to sleep and awakening easily, having a good memory, having good humour, having precision in thought and action, and being honest, humble, grateful, and loving. How healthy are you?” – Louise Hay

Session One – Setting the Scene: Forget what you have tried in the past and looking to the future. This session will address any negativity that you may feel about losing weight, becoming healthier and maintaining it by releasing any unwanted thoughts that will hinder your progress.

Session Two – Thoughts Versus Food: The battle commences! This session will reduce your emotional eating impulses that override your desire for success and cause you to make bad food choices or to overeat.

Session Three – Pushing Past The Past: Going beyond your weight. This session will transform you as you shed some self-limiting beliefs and release emotions that will keep you at your current weight.

Session Four – Happy Habits and Hormones: Choose Happiness. In this session you will learn about foods and thoughts that will balance your hormones and increase your energy.

Session Five – Excited to Exercise: It’s gotta be done! We all know we need to exercise but most of us struggle to exercise consistently. This session will move your thoughts from exercise being a chore to a chance to feel good.

Session Six – The Next Chapter: The New You. In this session you will let go of the past and move forward and focus on your new goals.

What’s Included:

  • 6 consultations
  • 3 x body composition monitoring to track your weight, BMI, visceral fat, body fat percentage and muscle fat percentage
  • An EFT tapping script
  • A happy hormone shopping list
  • Meal ideas, recipes and snacks.
  • 10% off a food intolerance test.
  • 10% off the EmPowerMent Class for Cravings

Fee: £400 / 5% of the fee will go to the charity Fresh Start Foundation and pay for 150 school meals for children living in poverty for more details about the charity’s work please go to www.fsfgambia.org

Payment instalments are available. Please call Rebecca on 07736 431388 or email rebecca@www.theholisticcoach.co.uk to inquire and book.

This package is also available via skype.