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You Are Not Your Body

Your body, my body, the body. Admittedly, I never gave my body a second thought for most of my life until it stopped me moving forward and brought me to my knees with pain and nausea. In fact, it brought me to my knees daily for many months, day after day after day. I was [...]

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Your Pain is Calling You

The National Pain Audit have stated: “The prevalence of chronic pain is estimated at 8-60% of the population, depending on the definition. Severe pain is estimated at 11% for adults and 8% for children.” And almost 31 million days of work were lost in 2014 due to back, neck and muscle problems, according to the Office for [...]

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Controlled Choices or Controlling Choices?

Do you find that at the weekends it is so much more difficult to resist food and drink temptations that you were able to forgo all week? Afterwards do you think to yourself: “I ate way too much this weekend” or “Why do I always give in to my cravings?” or even “I am so [...]

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Resisting Goals or Goal Getting?

  It’s half way through 2016 and a time to reassess our goals. How is your goal getting going? Are you co-creating the life you desire or are your resisting achieving your goals? If things are not progressing as you would like, do you know why? Resisting goals can be due to many reasons and [...]

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Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with disappointing days No matter how grounded you are sometimes life just throws you a curve ball that leaves you dealing with disappointment and all of the other emotions that tag along like depression and maybe even despair. Last weekend I had some news that was…yes you guessed it disappointing. The outcome was not [...]

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Avoid a Cravings Crisis

Easter is upon us and it is often a time we give ourselves permission to eat chocolate and treats but it can be a struggle getting back on the health train afterwards! I am all for a balanced approach to nutrition opting for 80/20, however, I also appreciate it is easy to be lead by [...]

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It’s OK to be OK

"OK" meaning to agree and accept, it was satisfactory but it wasn’t good. This is the general meaning for the term OK but I think OK is really underrated and I shall explain why. When you have been feeling fear, anxiety, stress and/or pain amongst other symptoms for sometime or years to reach the point [...]

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